I write to you to know each other even more, we have been on holiday in Assisi, and we met Massimo, he gave us a book we all have read in the family, be sure that you are in our heart, we will be grateful if he sends to us the other two books we saw on your website. May the Lord bless you all, you have enlightened in us a little flame of hope, there are still holy people on this earth, thanks to you all and to Massimo whom we have knowen in Assisi. We will keep his few words in our heart, we embrace you all from Naples.
We will come to meet you when we return to Assisi.

Domenico Lanzetta



Soy Eduardo, mi nacionalidad es chilena y escuchando música franciscana y en especial a Branduardi, encontré el video de Massimo en la Plaza San Pedro, me ha remecido hasta el llanto. Tmabién busco la paz y el bien

(I am Eduardo, nationality Chilean, and listening to Franciscan music, especially to Branduardi, I found the video of Massimo in Saint Peter's Square, it has shaken me to tears.
I also seek peace and good)

Eduardo Aravena




Hello Massimo God bless you I promised to send you these photos but then I had the joy of the birth of a child and the time flew away now I'm faithful to my word and I will never forget the emotion that I felt when I saw you again at a sudden in Assisi

Mery Screpanti



Video in occasion of the Pope's visit to Assisi Saint Francis


Beautiful heartfelt spirit led sermon from atop scaffolding.
He is a witness unto the Lord, and quite obviously Christ's servant. much love and encouragement from the USA

Yeshuah is King of Kings






I met Massimo at Umbria Fairs and immediately was impressed
by his energy. I 'm sure it was the destiny to allow this encounter I
feel in need to deepen this our meeting and to know his story I live in Perugia but often come to Assisi.





Hello Massimo!

It 's always a pleasure to meet you in Assisi, I am always delighted to see you a tough and undeterred fisherman of wandering souls. This time the visit in the city of Saint Francis was even more enjoyable because the fate led me first to Rocca Sant'Angelo and through the signs for the IACA I found the Families of Bethlehem community: lovely spot.
In the little church on the tree I found the words I was looking for and that I needed in that moment.
Thank you for your prayers and your intercession for my family.
In your embrace my dear Massimo, I feel a chill, my eyes get wet and I see myself there to breathe your place under the oak.

A greeting





Hello Massimo, I am Lucia, I have had an enormous pleasure to meet you on Sunday in Assisi. I would like to be part of your community in some way. Obviously and unfortunately I am quite far away as I am of Montepulciano, but I saw in your card that there is the opportunity to join your community. If you give me the chance, I would do so with much pleasure. Thank you very much and be sure to remember me in prayer, I am trying to have a second child. I had a story a bit 'troubled, because three years ago I had a breast cancer, I hope to have come out and before discovering this lousy evil I was pregnant, but I lost the baby. Unfortunately, the care I has blocked from this point of view, but now I can try again even if I am not young anymore, but still able to have any children and obviously raise them. I beg you and Marcello to intercede for me, so that the Lord will grant me the grace of health, the second child and life.


a hug


PS. I'm sorry to see that the Church does not agree to prophets and saints .. I follow Fra' Elia and I often go to Calvi dell'Umbria to him, but he is so opposed. I find all that an injustice, because one prefers to accept people as Cardinal Bertone, therefore wealth and pomp... or pedophile priests, rather than accepting the saints and prophets and this certainly does not benefit the community of the Church, now more than ever with less people.



Louise and I returned from a two week honeymoon and spiritual pilgrimage through parts of Italy. Some of the pilgrimage was fascinating from a historical perspective and other segments found us emotionally and spiritually overwhelmed.

We are still digesting what took place. To try and share it with someone would be impossible. There were standout moments that we are still grappling with. I'll share what happened at the square in front of Saint Mary of the Angels Basilica in Assisi.

There were a large number of tourists in the square that morning, when I spotted a man walking directly toward me wearing a big grin. He was older (like me), a gray beard to match his gray hair, no shoes, a smock made of burlap tied with a rope and a carry-bag made of the same material. I smiled as he approached, but my cold judgement of him didn't match the warmth of my smile. I held some money out to him, but he ignored it and introduced himself as Massimo Coppa; Counsellor of the International Association of Christian Action. I had no idea who he was but found my arms around him in a full embrace. He smiled even bigger and handed me a book. He said, "I want you to take this back to California with you." Who told him I was from California? It was a very humbling and prophetic experience for sure. I thought he meant bring the book back to California, but he meant bring the message back here.

The book is titled "From the Land of Assisi and of Francis the Spirit of Prophecy." It's a mere eighty pages long and very enlightening. Massimo is the author and his picture is on the back. He's a very educated man, writer, professor, evangelical pastor and was Director of the University Biblical Center of Perugia.

Jack from California


To Massimo, great, thank you for your words, I get excited to have a contact with you, in a society where people sleep even when awake... it's nice to know there are wide-awake people, even when they are asleep...
A heartely thank you for your message...

A big hug from the soul

And excuse my translation Happy New Year to you.


Sergio (Argentina)


Today is a special day for me, not only because the exhibition of the Popes in the Town Square was inaugurated, but mostly because I got to know a place where there is a confirmation that God exists.
Iaca, the place where you can find love again.




I was led to make this collage after the spirit led me to the truth  about Massimo...  

May God bless you in your doings. Thank you for the links. To be honest I have been trying to talk to Massimo for a while with no success. I would fly there right now if I could.  So you are the closest thing I have to him




November 3th 2015

The freedom to be yourself… to feel…. love…. believe…. preach….. what others might reject…. Massimo definitely follows his calling…… the question arises…. how do I deal with the diversities of my fellowman…. my friends…. with myself….. …..…. true friendship is rare … and so true love…. blessings to you always dear Massimo !


November 3th 2015

Beautiful, these photos, they seem new. You give us the opportunity to appreciate so many new details. And it's nice to look at them and reflect on the community life which radiates from them.

Paolo Pizzileo


October 23th 2015

“The chapel where angels meet”

A tiny wooden Chapel built high in a sacred 300 years old oak tree

you climb high wooden steps and enter a holy place
and before you even start to say a prayer:

peace and blessings are showered from above
bubbles of joy permeate your being

you smile and almost don`t want to breathe
words seem to come from nowhere:

“This is the chapel where angels meet”




October 7th 2015

Have you  received  our message I watch all the time the videos of Massimo  and his words give me great serenity we love you so much  Love and Peace



Massimo I love you, the Holy Spirit is working in you, how much love you have for Christ I feel it and I love you brother make it that the Holy Spirit may come upon me to follow you.

A marvellous mystic place at Assisi, from where one can go up towards the sky to pray.


Some comments:

It's so beautiful!

But where is it?

Congratulations Michele you have been so skillful!

Where is this wonderful place? - thanks in advance




blessed the word of the Lord love and peace and I love you and I follow you even if it doesn't seem so but one thing I have to say here but with so much love thanks to you there Marcello you and Massimo at Assisi thank you for existing and that I have seen you with my own eyes I have never ever experienced such a great joy in the simplicity of life but of monstrous sanctity of Christ in you in Assisi. I love you in humility and tell you what I feel for you since I saw you God bless you now and forever



My name is Vanesa and I am Argentine, I am writing because I want to know if I could talk with Massimo Coppo by this means, by telephone or by letter, to ask him some advice and prayers for my intentions. I write to this address because it is the only one I found on the internet and it said that he is of the Community Families of Bethlehem, but I do not know who will read this message, then please tell me how I can talk to Massimo. I thank you with my heart for the help that you can offer.



I read the book that was given to me by Massimo Coppo really nice but what do I say it's fantastic I would enjoy to say a prayer with you all one day you are fantastic we love you. Thank you from my heart with your book I found again the faith in God. I will never stop to thank you so sorry if sometimes I write but I cannot do without it what was given to me for my life from that little book it's impossible for me to describe it thank you thank you thank you. Wholeheartedly.



Dear Massimo,
we are Alessia and Amleto. We met near the Basilica of Saint Francis in Assisi and we have delivered to you the image of Nostra Signora della Guardia, because now we live close to that Sanctuary at Genoa.
We always remember you and we thank God that still He sends to us men able to love Him as you love Him.
We read in one shot the books that you have donated to us all and we keep in our hearts the precious pearls contained.
We hope to see you soon and we ask you to greet Marcello whom we hope to know as soon as possible.
Pray for us and for our family path in following Christ. May the Lord grant  us wisdom to understand His plan upon us and that we may achieve it with purity of heart and obedience!
In this Holy Night of Pentecost may the Holy Spirit descended on your community, set on fire your hearts with love for Christ and bless your community, giving to it plenty of fruits !!!
We embrace you with brotherly affection.
Alessia and Amleto Altieri



We met you in Assisi in the week after Easter and were deeply impressed by your spirituality and preaching.


Pace e Bene da Salisburgo/Austria!


Helga and Hans Kutil



Domenico Viola

gorgeous another teaching jesus said if you come to me you must be like these children, and Massimo what does he? simply and humbly follow those children with the infinite sweetness with the love that jesus meant here is what I see so wonderful god bless you always massimo marcello angela who give us these wonders always on the net and all the ciai thank you thank you and peace peace peace


Roberta Scognamiglio.
Massimo is a charismatic man, the first time we met we just ran into each other in the street that leads to the Basilica of Assisi but we didn't remained indifferent, then on Saturday, March 14, 2015 we saw him again and he came just near to us among the many other pilgrims. Talking with him has been gratifying and encouraging to look for something "more". Thanks Massimo, thanks for your so strong and consistent withness. You know how to make yourself a real brother. I want to make your community known to as many people as possible.



Comment from Youtube for Massimo Coppo 16/02/2015

I was lucky to know him last December. He is an exceptional person, a brave man, and full of love. Read up about him. We all should live according to the teachings of the beloved Francis.

On 04/01/2015 20:27, Geoff Mcilroy has written:
Hi Massimo

I promised I would send you this video I took of you in 2012. I share it wherever I think sutable, in the hope that people will be attracted to the message of St Francis. 

Seeing you inspires me to be a better Christian and only confirms in me, that the path I want to take is that of the Lord's choosing! 

Save a space for me under the Portico - you never know, one day?

Il 26/12/2014 13:16, John has written:



Hello, IACA

My name is Dewerys Vasquez.

I am writing this email because today 26/11/2014, I met Massimo Coppo while he was praying on one of the crowded streets of Downtown Manhattan.

His character and visible humility caught my attention, and motivated me to approach him. His wise words alleviated some of the uncertainty of my soul, and came in moments when most needed.

Attach is a picture and a video of this great man, eloquently speaking, and spreading the message of Jesus in this tumultuous city.

God Bless!!

Dewerys Vasquez


Message from Jane from England of the 02/11/2014

Massimo Coppo

He brings colour, peace and hope everyday here in Assisi.  He preaches God's words eloquently and simply, he is the essence of Assisi...PAX et BONUM.









Dear Association IACA, I'm Pietro C.
I've been to Assisi, I met Massimo Coppo, a very good person, he gave me a small booklet, which I devoured and which I enjoyed very much.
I write to you because I require other books to make a surprise to my friends.




Dear Massimo, in the video you seem to me physically changed. These long and blessed years of your mission in the street, your nights in the cold, your days in the sun, your knees planted on the earth, your eyes wet with rain, your steps skinned, your sackcloth shell of Life, for Assisi, Perugia, Italy, Rome, in the days of prayer, in the nights of supplication, in your sermons to men and the creation, in your re-entries to your heart, every time leave new signs on your body and new blessings in the soul. As a friend I would say: "Take care of yourself!" But I know, I know you would answer that for you the providence of God is enough, the proclamation of the truth bluntly, prophecy and proclamation, your communion with Marcello and the community of Bethlehem’s families, your love for the redeemed Church, but also "sinner", always in tune with Pope Francis, your beacon of light, and all one with God, who is close to you and shows you that the sun shines even at night. That the Lord whom you love and imitate, may cover you with every holy blessing and protection!
A good-bye and see you soon.

Paul Pizzileo



Massimo, we met yesterday, Saturday, April 12 in Assisi while a storm had broken out; I do not know if you can remember... I was with my wife (from Monterotondo) and just before we had given to you a small donation in St. Francis' street. Then we met under the portico of the Basilica and we talked pleasantly for about 15 minutes....too few indeed. We were very impressed by your words and by your personal story. We wished we could stay even more to exchange viewpoints, thoughts and reflections!  You left inside us something....inexplicable. That the Lord may protect you and us, and grant to us the Peace. We will  remember you  in our prayers. Roberto and Livia.




Dear brother Massimo,

Yesterday I have received your beautiful book and I read it all in one breath.
The first thing I thought, after reading it, is that your unique call from God recalls the words of Thomas Aquinas: the true teacher is not the one who answers all the questions, but the one  who sets on fire in you  the desire of the search.

Marcello has this great gift of the Spirit and, like him, you too.
Now I would like to schedule a  meeting with you and Marcello in Assisi.
But let's give time to God because every plan of his is the best.
Before saying goodbye to you, dear brother, I want to confide to you that I "nourish” my soul by visiting  the holy Tabernacle and reciting the  holy Rosary, in the hope that one day I can return to come close to the holy sacraments.

Now you too are in my prayers!

Peace and Love!
Paul Pizzileo




A meeting come down  from the sky

Dear Massimo, I did not come to Assisi, but it is Jesus who sent you to me. I was looking for a greeting card on my pc for my nephew when clicking I do not know what, it was you appearing in prayer under the rain. Your aspect in this century is so far away from the world in which we live that I was disconcerted and this brought me to try to know more. It seems to me to participate in things existed centuries ago. You were necessary on this earth, necessary to disturb our souls and bring them to ask many things. God sent You for us. By now I don’t know much about Ezekiel, but I'll try to know more. Thank you for existing, and thanks to God who sent you to us.








Dear Massimo, I was in Assisi on 21, 22, 23, 24 September this year, on the 24 I haven’t seen you, I have never spoken directly with you, but standing apart I listened to what you said to the others, you have left me a unique memory of your way to propose yourself to the others. Thank you Massimo because you're the best memory of my visit to Assisi. Nadia



Thank you Angela for the beautiful Christmas wishes.

I’ll let you in on a little secret of mine, everyday I open the computer, I go straight to your web site and have a look around, just to see what the IACI and Massimo are up to. This world is blessed by your presence and actions.

Please accept my sincere wishes and ever so humble prayers for a beautiful and Blessed 2013 Christmas and 2014 New Year. You and your community will be in my prayers.

With Love and Blessings always

Joe Cahill



Dear Massimo,

I’ve just finished reading your book that you have kindly donated me on the road to Assisi ...  wonderful the feeling I proved for all 80 pages, but even more the message of faith and hope that now more than ever burns in me. A few days ago before leaving Umbria I popped in to Rocca Sant'Angelo of Petrignano with the hope to find the Community but I was not lucky. I would have loved to know Marcello and get his blessing. Who knows maybe one day we will pray together side by side. God’s will shall be done. A warm hug and so many wishes for a Merry Christmas. James.



"If you happen to meet him, talk to him, it's worth it" thus ended the last message of the 06/12/2013 published on this page.

Here is the new message that we publish without name for respect of the privacy:

Dear Massimo I wanted to thank you endlessly for everything you taught to me in just one day, I learned more from you than reading the bible for 25 years, you're right we do not know anything as the apostle Paul says, knowledge pumps up, love edifies!! I hope to have left my pride there in Assisi and to have brought home only humility that you so lovingly pointed out to me, in fact I believe that the greatest gift that the Lord has given to ​​men is humility the most powerful weapon that a true Christian can use to win the battles of his evil heart ... I love you all infinitely, and I ask you to embrace so strongly the prophet Ezekiel as he did with me that night when that we have met, his sweet and loving hug gave me so much love and warmth that it seemed to me the embrace of Christ. I wished he would never release me, it was as if all my weight and the pain that I carried upon me was taken on by him, in fact no one ever hugged me for such a long time and with such a feeling that one could perceive only being so embraced... Thanks, a hug to all of the community and I hope to see you soon... I apologize for the first comment I did without knowing you, that God may bless you a lot. With all my love ... 



We publish this is writing as a message because we have found it only in these days in a forum and we believe that what is reported herein fully corresponds to the reality of this work:

This winter I have been to Assisi and I met Massimo Coppo. He is the son of the writer and teacher of Arts and Philosophy Alberto Coppo, he was born in Foligno (Perugia) May 10, 1948 .
He received a diploma in classical studies, and won a scholarship of the American Field Service, so attending the Columbus High School in the state of Indiana.
He graduated in Agricultural Sciences with first class honours, then becoming a teacher.
Actually he dedicates himself as a volunteer in the activities of the Association IACA (No Profit). In that evening he was near the Basilica of St. Francis dressed in a simple sackcloth and barefoot, it was very cold. He had left everything, including his teaching post, to follow Marcello Ezekiel Ciai. This man in old age and in sickness, lives in poverty and prayer in a few square meters of an old hay barn, whose roof is ruined and covered with an awning.
To him God has revealed and reveals "great and terrible things," but also wonderful and amazing ones: unambiguous prophecies like the one on the earthquake of Assisi, or the other, on the collapse of the global economy with all its dramatic socio-political consequences. Just to quote a short passage of the prophecy on the current world situation: "... industrialists, businessmen and fashion designers will be confused and turn pale. The economy will collapse and workers will be left dismayed..." But among the revelations received by Marcello there is one with a reference to the return of Jesus: "On the fourteenth of the forth month of the year 1978 from a whirlwind of fire of the cloud above, I saw a flame stretching and sparkling; and behold, the form of a newborn baby is composing, bright and radiant, which as a spark is flying towards the sky. A child is born, he ascended to heaven, but at the age of the Christ he will come again with fire from a cloud, and then there will be weeping and gnashing of teeth. Wake up and pray." I haven’t known Marcello Ezekiel Ciai but I’ve known Massimo Coppo, and I was impressed by the serenity that he transmits, as if he had the certainty of the new coming of Jesus. There will be gnashing of teeth, but then there will be peace, justice and love between people.
If you happen to meet him, talk to him, it's worth it.


Message from Donatella Spina on Facebook

2/3 years ago I came with my family to Assisi to visit the places of St. Francis and St. Clare, as we went away, we were graciously stopped by dear "Brother Massimo", his way of looking, his tone of speaking immediately involved us, he told us about the revelations of dear brother Marcello, he showed us his book that I read all in one breath, I returned to my home town, with a great sense of peace in the heart, very great...



Dear Massimo,
I start by telling you that the most beautiful thing I've seen in Assisi, were not the frescoed churches or the “Rocca” or the1000 shops selling everything, the most beautiful thing I saw was you! Kneeling in that square, barefoot, you gave attention to anyone who gave it to you! Wearing a sackcloth, leaning on your stick, from time to time you turned towards the Basilica! And as I saw you I said to Andrew, "look Blonde, he has taken a vow of poverty! "And Andrew with his eyes wide open continued, " and what is he doing there in the middle ??? " Me: "he is praying!! You can see it from a mile away!" .
Our day then continued in a calm way, but in my head there was always the image of that Christian kneeling in the square! Passing by another time in the afternoon and seeing you still there, I felt the need to come and talk to you. I took courage with both hands and I started with a shy: "Can I disturb ??? "
And you raising your head and looking at me with those sky coloured eyes exclaimed: "disturbing is something that does not exist!" And we started talking, and your voice with the passing of the minutes gently led me into a state of calmness......

Good Life dear Massimo and goodbye until our next meeting.

Love and Peace

P.S. I’m using your greeting because, both in its words and in its meaning, it is really something marvellous opening wide the hearts!




I had the great pleasure of very briefly meeting Massimo in Assisi square in April 2013. I offered him a biscuit and he graciously accepted. Realising that he wouldn’t remember me; nonetheless and in hope, trust and confidence of the benefits of a holy mans prayer, is it possible that you could forward this request onto Massimo to ask for him to favourably remember me to the good Lord  in his prayers. I seek from almighty god enlightenment, wisdom, grace and healing. Prayers of good people are powerful before the good Lord Jesus. As is evidenced by the appointment of Francis 1.

Massimo please pray for me and I shall pray for you.
An admirer of Massimo, I shall never forget him.

Peace Love and Blessings to you all.

Joe Cahill.
Sydney Australia.




Hello Massimo,

Hope you can remember us, a group of argentinos that met you in Assisi last friday May 17th, at noon, (when many cars were unfortunately making so much noise that we were not able to hear you).
Last march, I was so impressed when I had a chance to see you in internet, praying in the middle of San Pedro Piazza for a pope - poor as Jesus - , while raining , and how a woman and man decided to stay by you, helping with an umbrella. That wednesday March 13th, a friend of mine, (minutes before Francisco appeared for everybody in the balcony), sent me a message saying: I want a Pope Francisco I, this is what church needs!! As you can imagine ,we will never forget the moment when we - here in Buenos Aires - realized that OUR Pope was now OUR Cardenal Bergoglio!! ...almost unbelievable.
Now, we visited as pilgrims from Argentina, The Holy Land, and then went to Rome to see Francisco!!! But we decided to visit Assisi ...and I could believe when I see you in the street...!!! Meeting you and talking a little bit has been a new great gift; one more, than Jesus give me in this trip; you are certainly an alive image of Saint Francesco!!
I would like to clarify about the book you gave you need to translate this to spanish, or you have it already in spanish? Would you tell me more about your life, in english...I cant read italian, although I could have help in case you want me to translate to spanish.

Thanks for being there for us last friday!!
Hope you get this e mail, and can reply

Jesus en vos confio! (Jesus, I trust in you)

Mariela Monreal




Dear brother Massimo, ... when we shook hands that Friday evening 26.04 to say good by, returning by bus with my husband in a hotel in Santa Maria degli Angeli I cried all the way back because I felt sorry for you that you were in that situation there alone without a place to sleep etc. ... but then I thought about it and seeing you with that light in your eyes and that serenity, gladness (joy) ... and immense faith ... I felt small as I had told you, with little faith ... but the more time went on the more I felt good and something magic at once started inside me towards Jesus ... that very peace which I had so much asked Him!!! From this journey, I learned many things that Assisi has communicated me and for those few seconds that I have been close to you you have transmitted me so much serenity and inner happiness, to me and my husband!

Heartily Letizia




We publish this picture and the message that goes with it, among the many e-mails received by the Association IACA, the volunteer christian association who supports in Assisi the Community Families of Bethlehem of which is a member Massimo Coppo, on the occasion of his mission of penance and prayer at the Vatican, for the election of the new Pontiff. The photo, appeared on the “Corriere della Sera” with the caption "a pilgrim keeps on praying under the cloudburst in St. Peter's Square," shows Massimo, dressed in a sackcloth and barefooted, kneeling for many hours during the course of the Conclave, on a cloaca of St.Peter's Square: as a sign of humiliation of who feels unworthy to pray for an election so important in the history of the Church. This penitent of Assisi, together with many others with him especially in Assisi, will rejoice then at the announcement that the new Pope will assume the name of "Francis".


Great enterprise of Massimo in Rome...
Memorable!! An article published today on the “Corriere della Sera” - Page 6
Photo of Massimo whit an article “ under the Rain alone in the Middle of the Square...Superb Image !!

PAPA FRANCIS...Certainly the prayers of Massimo had their weight before God…
His tenacity and faith are really to be admired !!

Daniele Brunozzi




Some passages of a message by Fabio Nembrini

I have known Massimo Coppo and having received from him the book about  Marcello I wanted to know you. I had the great honour to meet this great man, minstrel of God like Francis before him. In March I will go to Assisi hoping to meet brother Massimo and brother Marcello. Possible to fulfill so precious desires of a pilgrim?
Peace and Love




Massimo we met on the Holy Christmas 2011 outside the Basilica of Assisi at Christmas Eve. It was raining a lot and approaching us you talked to us about humility and pride. We shall never be able to forget you and I WANT TO SAY TO EVERYBODY about a very beautiful thing that happened: the day after we met again, to tell the truth we weren’t looking for you when you, seeing us from a distance, called us by name "Annamaria and Alessandro"!!! Me and my partner were impressed not because you had remembered my name Annamaria but because you had called my partner Giancarlo with the name of Alessandro.
Without knowing that 9 years ago I lost a brother of mine of the age of 50 with the name  ALESSANDRO.
This will remain an indelible memory.
So long Massimo we love you.

Annamaria and Giancarlo of Imperia




It was at Easter of 2012 that I went to Assisi together with my wife Laura and my daughter Matilda.
The thoughts that accompanied us on that occasion were the most disperate ones. A Catholic wife that in November of the year before discovered that she had a bad cancer, just the worst one diagnosed moreover in that division in which she works at the hospital of Bergamo as a nurse.
A daughter who because of her tender age (7 years old) has to deal with the illness of her nurse first and then with that of her mother.
And then I, who for years had refused to believe in a God who had taken away from me everything. My mother dies, sick from the moment I knew her and then my father whom I considered almost immortal.
This little vacation in the land of Assisi, I take it in a very superficial way, also because I have nothing to ask or to say to Him in whom I have stopped believing.

But then as we approach the Basilica in the morning I see something that upsets me. Just outside the basilica a man dressed only in rags of jute bags is crawling towards the door in a penitent way. I am very impressed by his swollen legs purple from cold.
For a long time I thought of him and sometimes I wondered what would happen to such a humble person in a world like this one taken only by material values... gosh this is a St. Francis in a period out of the history.
But the most amazing thing happens to me on December 26 of this year, I’m in Assisi with my family and some friends of my parish still constantly thinking about that hermit that I had seen at Easter. I think about him not even I set foot in Assisi, and here while buying a package of cigarettes in a bar, in the evening of  the 26 in town hall square, I turn around and I see him in front of me ....
It's so that I met Massimo Coppo, I exchanged only a few words with him, but I immediately  realized to be in front of a giant.

In my mind began to mile around different thoughts until he speaks to me and asks me what I'm doing in Assisi. I answer that I am here to thank St. Francis, because he had made me an immense gift.  He had restored my faith.
Then I tell him of what I saw at Easter, he tells me that it was him, the man, that little big man in penance ...
This is what happened to me, dearest Father Massimo ... I call you Father because I felt you such at the moment when you asked me if you were just a little the architect of my conversion ... Yes, you were the only reason for my conversion, because in you I found Francis, in you I found Christ.

I tried to touch you like you touch something you think unreal, and I wanted to embrace you like the brother that you haven’t seen for a long time ... I really think that this is absolutely the most beautiful encounter that I had in my whole life. In a moment I didnit feel alone any more with my problems.
I got out of your hand the book that you wrote, I said that I would have read it all of a sudden that very night, that’s what I did and this also helped me to open my eyes.
I thank God for this meeting, because in a moment of crisis of faith and identity He made in a way that we met.

I think of you always and I began to pray for you who sleep in the cold and live with humility as the Lord teaches in the Holy Scriptures.
I was not able to find you any more because of the limited time that I had to respect, but in me the desire to meet you again remains. I’m already thinking about the next time I will go to Assisi, because I really need to talk to you.
Probably with all the people you meet maybe you have no memory of this episode, but however I pray to God that you always remain so simple and pure.
If you want I will be very happy to get a reply of yours, and wishing you all the best I embrace you virtually and implore your intercession for the health of my wife.

PEACE AND LOVE     Fabio Nembrini




Donato Monti wrote on Facebook

On 6 September this year  in Saint Francis Street (Assisi) my family and I met Massimo Coppo..... today I think with hindsight that it wasn't just an accidental encounter and this I deduce after having read his book "From the land of Assisi the Spirit of prophecy on the collapse of economy" received personally from his hands at the moment of our meeting.....

I intensely advise everyone to read it




My daughter and I Just returned to the United States after our wonderful visit to Assisi. We had the rare privilege of listening to Massimo Coppo preach in front of the temple. We too are Christian believers with a personal relationship to our Lord Jesus. I am reading the book you gave us - Sorry that we did not get two, as my daughter lives In California and I live in Kansas. I will give it to my brother in Colorado to read also.

Do you remember us? We talked to you after hearing just a very little bit of your preaching. We asked you how you learned your English, and you told us about being in Indiana. My husband wondered where in Indiana did you live?  Also I am trying to imagine exactly where is your guesthouse and where is the prayer room in Assisi? And where is the community? We would love to visit if possible.

Your message was a wonderful bright light of our whole trip to Italy. Thank you so much.

I am going to look on the Internet now for more information. I am praying for God's blessings on your life and your health.
Thank you!  Karen Y.




Severino Simone wrote:

Massimo Coppo, a man of whom it is hard to think that he could belong to our epoch, a man of deep faith and extraordinary asceticism, of a goodness and a mildness that doesn't seem to belong to this world any more. A man of God, meek, humble, who 'contaminates' you with his faith and his humanity wholly oriented to the transcendent and to spirituality. There is something that gets into your soul when you meet him and that you have never felt before. All at once life's problems dissolve like snow in the sun, you look at life as if through invisible lens, allowing you to open sceneries of immense spirituality and that infuse you deep peace and interior serenity. I who met him had the impression of a journey back in the time and to live in the Assisi of 1200 and to be able to speak with St. Francis and being able to touch him and look into his eyes, of an ineffable  color and mildness. Thank you Massimo for the life you lead and for your prayers for this our poor humanity, confused and disoriented. See you soon, Massimo.



Year of our Lord 2012 

Love and Peace, 
do you remember me Professor Massimo Coppo? One evening of July in the Municipal Square in Assisi I came up towards you, and you donated me a book of yours. I have carefully read in it and as a practicing Christian I say that the Lord Jesus Christ has chosen you to form this association to help others. On my first return to Assisi, I would be encouraged to meet in person Your Community. On this occasion I want to dedicate you the words written on the novel "The Human Revolution" by the Nobel Prize for Peace: Daisaku Ikeda:
"Nothing is more precious than peace; Nothing brings more happiness, peace is the starting point for the advancement of humanity." 
May the Lord Jesus protect you in every moment of your days. 




Dear Massimo Coppo,

I am writing referring to you by your first name because we have not had the opportunity to introduce ourselves and I do not know what’s the name you took in this your second life.

My name is Maria Montuori and together with my partner F.F. we met in the presence of Saint Francis in front of his house on July 31, you have defined us the travelers of the night and also told us that not everything in Assisi can be photographed, well, in this you are right, the camera was used in Assisi just a little and for photos of no account, the most beautiful photos are the ones I took in my heart.

I came to Assisi as one step of a journey that has always been planned by my partner and that in one way or another I did always blow up, but then, once there, it was transformed in something more important, a journey in the soul and in  Jesus' love.

This man who has given up everything to follow Jesus to follow his true thought and  bring it  back to the world.

I left Assisi with a something  more, with the desire to know and a desire to pray that I had lost for a while, a desire to know SAINT FRANCIS and with him SANTA CHIARA  and I don’t stop thinking about them even when I do the most trivial things as washing the dishes.

I must say thank you, thank you from my heart because the few words that we exchanged  have given me peace of mind and helped me to open my eyes into my soul.

If you want I'll be happy to write you to expose my doubts and ask for advice. Sometimes life in a big city like Milan makes everything more difficult.

I ask you to advise me some books that can help me in my return to conversion and coming near again to Jesus as a desire for something of which you cannot do without.

Thanks  and I hope to be able to write again and if possible talk with you on the phone.

We are already planning another trip soon and will come again to the land of Assisi I desire to take with me also my mother and my mother-in-law because they also might get sick of the disease of Assisi and be overwhelmed by the love of Jesus.

With love see you soon Maria Montuori




Peace and Love, dear Massimo,

it's wondrous in how the Lord has chosen some, always with love as the primary requirement.

I thank you for expanding my faith and will pray that your group continues its mission on earth – hopefully with more certitude from Divine Providence.

Bless you, Maestro Marcello and Ms. Angela, now and in the future, in the Lord’s name.





Dear Mr Coppo, I want to say "thanks" to you for the joy of the meeting. Sorry that I am missing the words in Italian to explain the feeling for our Lord. I am from Alto Adige of german language. I made a couple of stages from -La Verna- up in Assisi. On Saturday the 06.02.12 i was in the Basilica of Saint Francis. I couldn't feel the franciscan spirit. I thought: what would Francis say? Just Him who escaped from all this spectacle and market. I was sad and I turned away. Over the Basilica i met you. Now I have felt the franciscan spirit. I took your book, and you told me to call  by phone. Many dear greetings, peace joy and spirit of God - a pilgrim, who has so much nostalgia for God





Dear Massimo, I have met (and photographed) you on the streets of Assisi on May, 8th. You  talked to us briefly about the "picture" of Jesus (the Shroud) and gave us your book.  I read it just got home, and, instead of rejoicing,  it threw me into despair ... I admire your way of accepting the will of God, but it scares me that the end may be near ... I ask for forgiveness every day to God for sins, and thank him for everything he gave me and gives me, in particular for giving me my daughter whom I love more than my own life! For this reason, the thought that it could be possible to lose her in an earthquake or another disaster (we felt an important one also here in Genoa, this morning, and there might be other shakes!) puts me in fear and discouragement! I would sacrifice my life without a second thought, if that meant saving the one of my daughter, but I cannot do this, because we are in God's hands .. During the Mass we say that we are "waiting for Your coming" ... but why can’t God manifest himself to us in a positive way, that is, as a father, rather than destroy us? As a child I thought of the coming of God as a moment of joy, but now we talk about a catastrophic end of the world ... Why should God, who created us, want to destroy us? Can you give me an answer? I'm living in anguish ...


Answer of Massimo Coppo:

Dear Giorgia,

thank you for your e-mail, which expresses the sentiments of many in this time of grief and dismay for the ongoing earthquake. I am writing you just a few lines, reserving  writing to you again more widely as soon as possible: I am now in Assisi, it is late at night and i have just finished to pray with Marcello, we mourn and pray for the whole situation. The book that you've read certainly  inspires fear, but above all opens up to hope, because it refers to a God who is the father of love, and intervenes in our lives also dramatically, though to bring us back to his love and eternal salvation. And it is Him that we must love more than any other thing, this is the first commandment,  even more than our loved ones, your daughter, trusting in Him always, who has sealed his love with the cross of his son. It would be better if you and your family could come to visit us,  to share, to pray, to comfort each other.

Meanwhile I send you an embrace with all my heart, see you soon.
Love and Peace
Massimo Coppo




Written by Giancarlo and Annamaria Palmi to Massimo Coppo on the day of his birthday may 10, 2012

Dear Massimo, we are annamaria and giancarlo of imperia, you remember it was the night of Christmas 2011 it was raining and it was time to join the midnight mass ... However, just today i was talking about you to a customer of mine that was in Assisi in the month of March; i asked her if she had seen you, she replied yes, but that she hadn’t approached you. When i explained to her what she had lost… for not having spoken with you .... at the end she wanted the website of the IACA. I arrived at home tonight at 19 o’clock and when giancarlo told me that it was your birthday i felt an immense joy, i don't know why. I wish you all good, but what I pray you is to offer your prayers also for Sabrina 25 years old in a coma at the hospital of Imperia, that the Lord may help her doing his will with her, but also for her Dad, thank you, I’d wish to embrace you with strong affection annamaria and Giancarlo



Written by Severino Simon to Massimo Coppo on the day of his birthday may 10, 2012

Thinking about you, my thoughts go to the image of St. Francis, humble husband of sister poverty, who anticipated your steps in the streets of Assisi, to bring to all the message of faith, hope and charity. There is a need for men like you, in a world increasingly narcotized by materialism and dechristianization. Massimo, that the Lord may grant you to a long life, so you can be a living witness of his Gospel. I embrace you with immense affection.




Message from Silvia Balzani on Facebook

In the city of Saint Francis wonders are worked. And you are part of them.




Written by Severino Simone to Massimo Coppo

Dear Massimo, having met you, again, in Assisi, yesterday morning, i was filled with a great inner peace and a deep spiritual serenity. You're a beacon of faith, lived according to the gospel. Your candor and your spirituality, united with the simplicity and rigor of your lifestyle, make you a living witness of the love that you feel for Jesus and for men, your brothers and sisters in Christ ...  The dies irae , of Thomas of Celano, that yesterday we recited together, made me recover that spiritual vision of the meaning of life, so confused and hidden to contemporary man, in the existential emptiness of materialism and the logic of hedonism. Thank you, Massimo, see you again, soon. I embrace you with immense affection and esteem, I am happy to know in life a future saint of heaven. Severino.




Hello Massimo, we have met today in the square of Assisi and we took your book. It was a pleasure to know a person so true as we felt you ! Presume that I'm not very practicing, because I don't see the church with all its vanities so disposed to help the needy! But people like you help to come closer to faith ... A great greeting Marco




Published by Severino Simone on Facebook

Grateful for the friendship given to me, I have the honour to greet your community and embrace with brotherly affection Massimo, the living image of the seraphic Francis, recommending myself, with my loved ones, to his prayers.

and again

Massimo, the Lord allowed me to meet you in front of the Lower Basilica. You let me touch with my hand what is true spirituality and adherence to the Gospel of Jesus. Thank you, Massimo, I hope to meet you again.




Good morning, Mr. Massimo Coppo. I am Doris Topfstedt Vavallo I am Brazilian. I want to say something about the book  “From the Land of Assisi the Spirit of Prophecy…”, written by you, reporting  the story of the life and the work of Marcello Ciai. I've been to Assisi on September 2011. When I came to the square of the Basilica, I saw a man dressed like Saint Francis who was carrying in his hand two yellow books, and speaking with a gentleman. I stopped near him, and I waited a little. When the man retired, I spoke with the "saint" and I asked for informations and I took the book. I was very impressed when I came to Brazil, and I read the book just in a moment. My heart was crying and laughing at the same time. With respect and admiration, Doris




Published by Donatella Spina on Facebook

I have the book written by Massimo Coppo (repeatedly read and reread with great interest), I had the good fortune to meet him personally in Assisi.

and again the 06/01/2012

In my heart I have a great desire to be able to meet and know personally Marcello and the wonderful people who walk with him beside God.




Hello Massimo!

We met in Assisi on January 3. I'm the guy who took the book in English, who lives in California and just had enough money for the train. Thank you that you stopped to talk with me and for your precious words.

I certainly lack the courage to do what you do, maybe I'm a hypocrite, maybe my heart is too hard and yet in some way I am still a slave, I have and don't have too many emotional ties, I'm too ugly, I don't know. Inside I know that what you are doing is a good and just matter and I dream a world like yours. I apologize for thinking that yours is an utopian project, I didn't consider the power of Providence, even better I would like to give you my economic support or do some work for you if possible, in short, let me know how I can help you.

For now I embrace you




Hello Mr. Massimo
My name is Riccardo, I was in Assisi today with my family, my wife and my daughter and I met you, or rather you came towards us.
I am a bad Christian, wearing Timberland and shoes of $ 200, you are "dressed" with a patched habit of jute and walk barefoot.
I work with other people's money, you ask offers and sleep on the street.
I only exchanged a few words with you, I got your book ...
it's here on my bedside table.

Already today, having become curious, in the street, I gave it
a look, I saw a few things.

But on the inside cover I had seen 5 photos.
One is of a red chow.
I asked myself what does a chow do with a book of prophecies and reflections.
I have a chow, a chow blue. It's called Dont' Worry I'm Really Blue of the “Ceppo Rosso”, but for everyone it is simply Blue .... blue, as the Buddhist monks imposed the cloak to be, not to disturb the sleep of their gods. I looked at it more carefully (I will read it all in one breath), and I understood.
Marcello Ciai, Ciai Ciai Chow, one of the 14 Italians affixes.
These dogs are unique and to learn about their ancient history is a privilege. For me the name Marcello Ciai was only this, it is now much more.
This encounter, though brief, these four words were a sign. For someone else just a coincidence.
I just want to be able to find in me the serenity which I read in you. At least a little, it would already be much.
Replace a portion of materiality with a little of spirituality would be really good. You succeeded in renouncing everything. I would not be able to do so. You are simply amazing.
I send a warm greeting.
With deep admiration.

Riccardo Ciabatti.




Dear Mr. Massimo Coppo
My name is Gianni  Girardo, the last few days I was in Assisi with my partner Laura Giannecchini, you stopped me. I confess my embarrassment on your clothing (I'd say my childish reaction).
We talked briefly and I was immediately at ease.
You gave me your book which I read with extreme interest.
We said goodbye with a statement of mine that  wanted to be witty about the tragic economic  situation in which we find ourselves and your clothing that to say is by now  ready for what lies ahead. Basically I wanted to say that you have no problems and do not need anything; at that point you gave me an answer that struck me: "this isn’t  true I need your prayers."
There is an abyss between my trivial statement (no more than a joke) and your  response which as well as being unsettling and deep, was really from the heart with a spirit of sincerity.
Thank you  infinitely for this.
I come every year to Perugia in August and at Christmas to bring Laura to her elderly mother, I hope to have the opportunity to meet you again. If It’s possible I would  come to your seat.

I greet you with your "love and peace"

Ps I will pray for you




Hello dear Massimo!
We met in front of the Basilica of Assisi Sunday 24 afternoon, I was with David, my partner, and I am Maria Grazia. I read the book you wrote and I was impressed in particular by the following fact: when we met, after chatting a little I asked "is it true that Christ returns?" and you answered "yes "...... then I felt a great desire to ask you what you think about UFOs, but I didn’t, perhaps for a form of my shyness, also because immediately after I thought " how could a Franciscan be interested in UFOs, with all the problems that exist in the world ".... so I kept quiet. Then, when I read the book, I was deeply struck because the answer came directly to me from the story of Marcello Ciai’s experience,  that from that particular day on Lake Trasimeno, his life has changed ....
We would love to visit you and talk a bit in more detail with you and maybe, if it is still possible to meet Marcello Ciai.
It 's a meeting that I keep in my heart also because, reading your website, I wholly share your thinking ....
I wanted to write you more, but I'm at work ...
Best wishes, at soon I hope

Maria Grazia




Rosaria Montalbano has written on the wall of the Iaca Onlus

j'ai visité en Juin 2011 la mystérieuse ville d'Assise avec mon futur époux Philippe et j'ai fait des rencontres inattendues et magiques en la personne de Massimo et Marcello...
Dieu aussi était au rendez-vous. Merci à vous d'avoir partager ces moments profonds et sincères avec moi.
Je vous embrasse de la France.
Rosaria Montalbano

In June of 2011 I visited the mysterious city of Assisi with my future husband Philip making some inexpected and magic  encounters with the persons of  Massimo and Marcello…
God was present  in these appointments, too. Than k you for sharing with me these profound and sincere moments.
Embracing you from France.
Rosaria Montalbano




Il Paiolo Di Minù has written on the wall of the Associazione Iaca


“…last Saturday ..... we go wandering around the streets of Assisi… land of Francis… walking without shoes, to enjoy the earth .... breathing the air of Sister Simplicity,  polluted by the many shops crammed with souvenirs .... when we cross the path of a man, barefoot too, dressed in jute, with an almost mystical air ..... impossible not to stop and talk with him ..... some meetings do not happen by chance! I read in one breath the book that he gave to me .... thank you Massimo for coming towards us! and thank you for your witness of life! I am personally convinced that the church should return to be the Church of Francis ...... that would be the true spreading of the Message. Francesca”




On March 24, 2011 on the streets of Assisi... I was there with a tour of high school students… several students and myself decide to do an evening walk to take in the beauty of this place at night.... It was then I had the pleasure of meeting Massimo Coppo... I have never felt the feeling of being able to pray with someone so spirtual as what i felt that night...It was a feeling of being Saved...I so enjoyed that night the most of all my 10 day vacation to Rome, Venice, Florence and Siena.
I truly enjoyed Assisi and hope to one day return... Massimo Coppo is a very special man for the work he is doing... And I know you are touching many lives as you so did mine... Thank You so much...

Davie Cox

United States



Dear Massimo,

what a joy to see you again - I am still in Germany at Heidelberg. You know my book has come out also in german and now there are some presentations --- I didn’t expect such a great success - the newspapers interviewed me and all are enthusiastic…the franciscan life certainly has its fascination - How are you? I will return in the month of April and then we will see again - it has been a beautiful experience to meet you - you have left a mark in my heart dear Massimo!

A warm greeting and peace and all good!

Ingrid Henzler


ancient beloved city

no other place exists

that can be compared

to your beauty and to your love













Dear Mimon,
after a few days we met in Asisi, I decides to writte a letter to you. I am not sure this is a proper adress, but is the only one I could find.
So I hope the letter will rich you.
Remember me? Last wednesday my husband and me came fromRome to Asisi. We are from Slovenia but that days  my husband were on the busines trip to Rome and I decided to go with him - to have a few days off. We stayed at  Rome for two days, after that we went in Assisi. And then in the morning we met you on the big inwardly yard of St. Francisco basilica. Meeting you was such a surprise - like looking at the proper genuine St.Francisco. I am sorry we were so  of small words - we came into Assii as a pilgrim, not only a traveller, struggeling with our inner conflicts of  "being alive or having life". St.Francis has been calling us for long time. Assisi is a bautiful town but only your persone was in the real  spirit of St. Francis. And the little chapell outside the townwalls.
You asked for donation for your community - how much we can give with joy. I said, we are not St. Francis, we cannot give 100 percently. Also, we are not rich as he was, so it is a small donation, we can give. You know, I am educated for a taching in elementary school, but I do not work. We have got three children, the youngest daughter has cerebral palsy of quiet high level. So I stayed at home as a mother. I enjoyed in this position, but sometime we make ourselves problems about money. We are used to live modest (not as much as you!) but many times we put ourselves under the influence of "time spirit" of " having is much more importen then just be".That  why St.Francis spirit and visit of Assisi was such a meaningful for both of us. Joy of living which you can feel amoung olive trees and under blue umbrian sky ... it is the same I can feel sometimes in my birth Haloze in autumn when  colourful wineyards are full of ripe grape, the sky is blue and rattles operated by the winds sing their beautiful songs of natur sounds... Here is God, here is the real life and  here is joy of living ... Inside natur and inside me beeing the part of natur...
Why am I writting to you? Meeting you make a big impression on me, your words "keep contact on internet" was an invitation. I felt as if I got an answer to my asking to God - to find someone belonging to christian religion but live really  spiritualy - not only a confesion, not beeng obedient to dogma, but open minded and free spirit inside the christian spiritual space. Open minded  was a massage of italian artist Fausto delle Chiaie, we met few days before in Rome too ... So I have  look  for  internet side. And I felt compassion with you and youre community ... beeing an heretic it is my  frequent feeling, living in small traditional village in Slovenia. Although I am heretic only in my minds, not so much in my  action ...
I am very sorry that your book is stamped only in italian, I would like to read it very much. You said it is something about land, economy? Something about your work in Stična with our white monks?
If it is possible for you I would like to stay  in contact with you. I would be honour, I you could take time for spiritual dialog with me. I have been  looking for someone for about ten years.
Sorry for  my "breaking" English, I am not used to speak (writte) it frequently.
God bless you and your work



Last Tuesday we were lucky when walking through the streets of Assisi, we met Massimo Coppo. A strange but equally pleasant randomness ...
We were there, because since a long time I felt an inner voice telling me to go to Assisi and was hoping to find answers to some personal situations rather complex.
The day before, a very difficult day for me, that inner voice had become much more intense and moreover I had the awareness that the time to go was running out.
On the morning of Tuesday 2, although here in Padua  a roadblock was in sight because of flooding, we decided to leave and without any personal object we arrived lodging at S. Mary of the Angels. After having stopped praying at the Porziuncola, we came to Assisi and going towards the Basilica there’s where we met with Massimo. We had a pleasant chat and we took his book with the promise to call or write.
The book remained in the bag, but the next day despite having only looked at it quickly,  in prayer at San Damiano, the photo on the back continued insistently coming to my mind and a strong desire to visit you.
We decided not to do so because we had to make a pilgrimage and had to return to Padua in the evening.
(Actually I phoned but the line was busy ...)
We were thus able to read the book, we could reflect on everything that had happened in these two days in Assisi that were filled with meditation, prayer and important signs.
Here, dear Massimo, all this to say that we need to talk to you and to meet moreover if it is possible also Mr. Marcello.
Perhaps we may need you and your hospitality ...
How can we do to talk also by phone?
Is there a particular time in which to call?
Thank you for your attention





" Tuesday night I met Massimo Coppo.
appeared almost from nowhere and struck us right away.
Few words and a soul as clear as clean water. Thank you Francis for allowing us this meeting

Published by Giancarlo on "The Mystery of Assisi"